2024 - The top 10 best Shopify apps to enhance the customer shopping experience.

2024 - The top 10 best Shopify apps to enhance the customer shopping experience.


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Certainly! Here are 10 points to improve the user experience (UX) for an e-commerce website:

  1. Clear Navigation: Ensure a clear and intuitive menu structure, with easily accessible categories and search functionality.

  2. Mobile Optimization: Make your website responsive and mobile-friendly, as many users shop on smartphones and tablets.

  3. Page Load Speed: Optimize your website's performance to reduce loading times, as slow sites can deter users.

  4. High-Quality Images: Use high-resolution images and videos to showcase products from various angles and provide zoom functionality.

  5. User-Friendly Product Pages: Present product information clearly, including pricing, availability, specifications, and customer reviews.

  6. Simple Checkout Process: Minimize the steps required to complete a purchase and offer guest checkout options for convenience.

  7. Transparent Shipping and Returns: Clearly communicate shipping costs, delivery times, and return policies to manage customer expectations.

  8. Security and Trust: Display trust badges, SSL certificates, and secure payment options to assure customers that their information is safe.

  9. Personalization: Implement product recommendations, personalized content, and user-specific promotions based on user behavior and preferences.

  10. Feedback and Support: Offer multiple channels for customer support and collect user feedback to continuously improve your website and services.

By focusing on these 10 points, you can create a more user-friendly and enjoyable shopping experience for your website visitors, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction and higher conversion rates.

Below are 10 Shopify apps you can't afford to miss to improve your website.

1. Pronavi - Navigation Design

Shopify does not support the creation of ready-made controls for easy navigation on mobile devices, especially on large-screen phones, which can be challenging to operate with one hand. Most apps on iOS and Android already support various controls such as the BottomBar and Float button to improve navigation, particularly for mobile users. Pronavi is a completely free navigation design software that allows you to easily create and customize such controls with just a few simple steps. You can't afford to overlook such a tool.

Pronavi Highlights

  • Runs perfectly on both mobile and desktop, but is most effective for โ€œMobile-firstโ€

  • Extremely flexible, diverse, and limitless

  • Run extremely lightweight, continuously optimized, and conflict-free

  • Daily measurement, user understanding, and easy A/B testing

  • No need for design or technical knowledge, just drag and drop

  • Free still performs well until you truly need a higher version

See more here: guide.shopifas.com/introducing-the-new-app-..

Brandify: Ultimate branding UX

Brandify Add-ons, shopify branding app

Falling in love ๐Ÿ˜ Adding special touches to your storefront enhances your store branding and uniqueness, customers tend to trust more websites where small details are in tact! Features โš™๏ธ Stand out with a unique store. Modify the cursor, scroll, scroll smoothness, protect your content, add a cursor/finger trail, show uniqueness Even more โญ Recover sales with blinking title animation. Show your customers that something is loading with a progress bar, add a scroll indicator

UX Bundle

Build beautiful loyalty program with uxbundle

UXBUNDLE is a collection of utilities to help you build and run your own loyalty program. It also comes with an inbuilt product review system to reward your users for leaving product reviews on the store. The app is fast, lightweight, has great UX, comes with multiple themes which are fully customizable via Admin panel. You can build multiple tiers/types of loyalty programs with different rewards and redemption flows. Product reviews come with images and video support and customizable UI

CRO Buttons โ€‘ Optimize UX & CR

With and without CRO Buttons

CRO Buttons allows store owners to create a mobile menu for your store navigation and boost sales, and engagement from customers. On desktop, our Add to Cart sticky buttons follow and increase the chance the customer adds more products to their basket. Customer shopping experience is like a walk in the park with an always follow button wherever they go. Just compare and put their favorite products in the cart.

UX Optimize Turbo

Free preloader Shopify Store

personalized for your shop! Show your users a beautiful loading screen and guide them through the store with smooth transitions. Choose loaders from presets, or upload your own image or logo, and adjust loading animation with many options. Does this slow down my store? No way! Preloadify optimizes images and videos to have minimal impact on your store speed.

Speed Kit

Manage Speed Kit directly from your browser

Speed Kit is an all-in-one page speed tool to accelerate loading times. Based on a unique combination of browser and cloud technology, even highly dynamic websites can be accelerated. Furthermore, Speed Kit can optimize images, deliver 3rd party resources faster, and drastically improves browser cache utilization. Speed Kit improves the Largest Contentful Paint (Google Core Web Vitals), resulting in better SEO ranking, less bounce, and more conversions.

Product Tabs โ€‘ Easy Tabs

Product tabs

Change your stores UI/UX for showing the product description and other parameters in tabular form which will be eventually changed in accordion form when in mobile view. Change product descriptions to either vertical or horizontal tabs. Create shared tabs directly in the app and assign them to groups of products to be shown on these products only. We are there for you 24X7 for any type of assistance.

Scroll Freely: Infinite Scroll

Scroll Freely: Infinite Scroll app completely replaces the default pagination and helps you engage your store users by showing more products at once through an endless scroll. Enjoy infinite scrolling on collection pages to load more products as the user scrolls down. Ajax-based Endless scrolling with Back to Top button to collection and instantly scroll to top of page. The Infinite Scroll app is compatible with all free and premium themes. 24/7 support team to resolve compatibility issues.

Auto Load Products on Scroll with AJAX

Drift Mobile Menu Bar

mobile menu bar

Upgrade your mobile navigation experience and make it effortless & user-friendly with our mobile menu bar app. Our Mobile Menu Nav icon ensures easy access to your website's pages in an instant. With fully customizable options & icons, you can tailor your navigation to suit your brand's unique style. With the majority of the traffic coming on mobile sites, it's important you have a seamless UX for users to navigate & shop. By offering a mobile app-like navigation experience lead the industry.

Sticky Add To Cart BOOSTER PRO

Add To Cart & Checkout BOOSTER PRO | Sticky Bar, Checkout & Cart

Introducing Sticky Add To Cart BOOSTER PRO, a transformative tool for Shopify merchants aiming for a smoother customer shopping journey. The ever-present add-to-cart bar remains visible while browsing products, continuously nudging users towards a purchase. Beyond being a mere eCommerce tool, it guides users to checkout. The Quick Buy Button caters to decisive shoppers, allowing instant decisions. The Ajax Cart Slider offers quick cart reviews, eliminating extra navigation. Upgrade now!


Here are some software and apps you can use with your Shopify account. The choice is yours, as every business is different, and therefore, the goals will be very different. Wishing you success. You can also check out: Newcomer's Experiences with Using Shopify here.