Case Study: Enhancing User Experience with Navi+ at Family Shirts HK Store


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Case Study: Enhancing User Experience with Navi+ at Family Shirts HK Store


Family Shirts HK Store is a flourishing online t-shirt business that primarily relies on its website as the main channel for attracting and engaging customers. Having effectively utilized Shopify as their e-commerce platform for several years and successfully leveraging various digital marketing channels, the company was able to draw an impressive 100,000 visits per month to their website. However, despite this significant traffic, they were facing a concerning high bounce rate.

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To understand the root cause of this issue, the company embarked on a comprehensive qualitative and quantitative study. The study revealed that customers were experiencing difficulties in finding the products they were looking for on the website. This struggle was negatively impacting user experience and, consequently, leading to lost sales opportunities. Through this insightful study, the company realized that website navigation, a factor they had previously overlooked, plays a significant role in overall business performance.


In response to these navigational challenges, Family Shirts HK Store turned to Navi+, a revolutionary web navigation solution. They believed that by integrating Navi+ into their website, they could significantly enhance their website navigation, thereby improving the overall user experience.


The decision to use Navi+ proved to be a game-changer. The improvement in website navigation was not only noticeable but also quite substantial. In just six months post-implementation, the company began seeing a noticeable increase in key business performance metrics. Pages per visit increased, the time spent on the website improved, and most importantly, the bounce rate decreased significantly.

The cost for integrating and maintaining Navi+ was minimal, especially when compared to the significant improvements it brought to their business. The team at Family Shirts HK Store has been more than thrilled with the results. They found Navi+ to be an invaluable tool, one that not only solved their navigation issues but also contributed to a better understanding of user behavior on their website.

Buoyed by this success, Family Shirts HK Store continues to enjoy using Navi+ to optimize their website navigation and user experience. The positive impact of Navi+ on their business has reinforced their belief in the importance of investing in the right tools to enhance user experience, ultimately leading to improved business performance.


Following the successful integration of Navi+ and the positive impact it had on their business, Family Shirts HK Store decided to delve deeper into optimizing their website. Understanding the importance of user experience in driving sales and customer engagement, they began focusing on other aspects of their website that could be improved.

They started with the product display, streamlining the number of products shown per page and improving the quality of product images. They also worked on their product descriptions, making them more informative and engaging. They also took a closer look at their checkout process, simplifying it to reduce cart abandonment.

In addition to these changes, Family Shirts HK Store also started to utilize the data collected by Navi+ to gain deeper insights into user behavior. They analyzed how customers navigated their website, which pages they visited most frequently, and what products they were most interested in. This data helped them make informed decisions about product placement, promotional campaigns, and other marketing strategies.

The results of these efforts were remarkable. Family Shirts HK Store saw further improvements in their bounce rate and a significant increase in their conversion rate. Sales increased, and customer satisfaction and loyalty also improved. The success of these changes reinforced the company’s belief in the power of user experience and the importance of continual optimization.

Today, Family Shirts HK Store is a thriving online business with a highly optimized website that offers an excellent user experience. They continue to utilize Navi+ and other tools to monitor their website performance and make necessary adjustments to meet the changing needs of their customers. Their story is a testament to the importance of investing in the right tools and strategies to enhance website navigation and user experience.