2024 - The top 10 best Shopify apps to optimize your website for mobile


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Certainly! Here are some techniques to optimize your website for mobile screens:

  1. Responsive Design: Ensure your website is responsive, adjusting layout and content based on the screen size, to provide a consistent user experience across devices.

  2. Mobile-First Approach: Design your website with mobile users in mind first, then scale up for larger screens. This ensures a seamless experience on smaller devices.

  3. Optimized Images: Compress and resize images for mobile without compromising quality to improve page load times.

  4. Touch-Friendly Design: Make sure buttons and interactive elements are appropriately sized and spaced for easy touch navigation.

  5. Condensed Navigation: Simplify your menu for mobile users, using collapsible menus, icons, or a hamburger menu to save space.

  6. Minimize Text Entry: Reduce the need for extensive text input on forms, and consider using autocomplete or dropdowns for user convenience.

  7. Fast Loading Times: Optimize code, reduce unnecessary scripts, and leverage browser caching to ensure fast loading times, crucial for mobile users.

  8. Thumb-Friendly Interaction: Place important interactive elements within easy reach of a user's thumb to enhance usability.

  9. Progressive Web App (PWA): Consider implementing PWA features for offline access, push notifications, and an app-like experience on the mobile web.

  10. Mobile Analytics: Use analytics tools to understand mobile user behavior, identify pain points, and continuously improve the mobile experience.

By implementing these techniques, you can create a mobile-friendly website that provides a smooth and enjoyable experience for users on various mobile devices.

1. Pronavi - Navigation Design

Powerful toolkit that enables to create various navigations: Tab bar, Drawer, Rail, Float button.

Enhance your business efficiency by comprehensive website navigation improvement. This is a powerful and user-friendly toolkit that enables you to create various navigation styles such as Tab bar, Drawer, Rail, Float button, and Menu, catering to each user's specific needs. Why? Because navigation is the most important aspect of a website? Similar to intelligently organizing shelves and pathways in a supermarket, customers will easily make purchase decisions aligned with business goals.

Shopify does not support the creation of ready-made controls for easy navigation on mobile devices, especially on large-screen phones, which can be challenging to operate with one hand. Most apps on iOS and Android already support various controls such as the BottomBar and Float button to improve navigation, particularly for mobile users. Pronavi is a completely free navigation design software that allows you to easily create and customize such controls with just a few simple steps. You can't afford to overlook such a tool.

Pronavi Highlights

  • Runs perfectly on both mobile and desktop, but is most effective for “Mobile-first

  • Extremely flexible, diverse, and limitless

  • Run extremely lightweight, continuously optimized, and conflict-free

  • Daily measurement, user understanding, and easy A/B testing

  • No need for design or technical knowledge, just drag and drop

  • Free still performs well until you truly need a higher version

Vajro ‑ Mobile App Builder

Say goodbye to mediocre mobile shopping experiences and say hello to Vajro – The mobile app development platform for high-converting mobile apps. Vajro takes your Shopify business from app-zero to app-hero, helping you boost revenue, customer loyalty, power sales, and engage customers in an effortless shopping experience. With unlimited push notifications, live selling, and easy integration with all major Shopify plugins, build a mobile app that reflects your brand and boost conversions.

Idea to app in an hour. Zero coding required.

Mobile App Builder ‑MageNative

We empower Shopify merchants to develop Android and iOS apps for their web stores and scale business goals exponentially. Create an app for your Shopify store with features like an easy drag-and-drop theme builder, push notifications, app-only discounts, WhatsApp and messenger support, a barcode scanner for inventory management, augmented reality, 20+ premium app integrations, and much more as per your needs. Join us and drive success for your business.

Magenative Shopify Mobile App Multi-language and multi-currency

PWA & Mobile app ‑ Ampify

1. Transform your store into an app. Shoppers are much more likely to convert when browsing a site using a mobile app vs. website. Occupy prime real estate on customers phones, improve engagement, reduce bounce rates and get more revenues. 2. Send push notifications to recover abandoned carts, announce sales / new launches & more. Email / SMS are great, but only web push notifications capture anonymous shoppers before they enter personal details. Turn intent into sales!

Progressify Me Dashboard PWA Progressive Web App PWA

Instafeed ‑ Instagram Feed

With Mintt - Instafeed you can add minimal and elegant Instagram feeds to your store exactly as you wish, in less than one minute. Showing Instagram content such as photos and Reels on your store can help you build social proof, convert your store visitors into customers and turn your store visitors into new Instagram followers. Mintt - Instafeed will also help you use your Instagram content to automatically drive fresh new content to your store.

Desktop 2

Instant Buy ‑ Ajax Mobile Cart

Instant Buy allows you to create a button to redirect store visitors to relevant pages like product pages, discount events, and back-in-stock announcements. Shoppers can easily and quickly add products to their cart instantly and be directed to the checkout page with one click checkout. Instant Buy allows you to add your Facebook Pixel ID and Pinterest Tag ID to the Add To Cart button. Statistics and counting the number of impressions and clicks on the Sticky Add To Cart button

sticky add to cart button editor and settings

Trust Badges Bear

Customers make purchase decisions in seconds, and they are quick to dismiss a store they don’t trust. Enhance your store with trust badges and payment icons, ensuring consumers that your store is secure and reliable. Install the app to access 300+ badge options to match your store design. Customize your message, colors, alignment, size, & more! Place your trust badges and payment badges on any page in any section (cart / footer / hero / product page) with 1 click copy-paste. Try it today!

Conversion bear ultimate trust badges shopify app

Store Analytics on Mobile app

SuperCEO is your personal data scientist that never sleeps. Get accurate store sales insights to track your store's growth from the total number of sales to the average order value on your mobile & email every day for free. It also helps you learn your daily business metrics instead of making decisions from your gut feeling. - Real-time report on Mobile App: We deliver easy-to-consume daily store sales metrics and dashboards at your fingertips. - Curated sales reports via email every day.

Get Store sales metrics & reports on mobile and email, every day

Smart Mobile App Banner

App promotion on the website is made easier with the help of a Smart mobile App Banner. A simple display of the banner on the website with app information can be done using this app. The viewers of the website can easily access the apps linked to the website with the help of this banner option.

Smart Mobile App Banner


Here are some software and apps you can use with your Shopify account. The choice is yours, as every business is different, and therefore, the goals will be very different. Wishing you success. You can also check out: Newcomer's Experiences with Using Shopify here.