2024 - 10 Shopify apps highly rated for improving mobile, responsive & navigation.

2024 - 10 Shopify apps highly rated for improving mobile, responsive & navigation.

Navigation is the most important aspect of a website? Similar to intelligently organizing shelves and pathways in a supermarket, customers will easily


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What is web navigation?

Web navigation refers to the process of moving around and interacting with websites or web applications. It involves how users access and browse the various pages, content, and features of a website to find the information they are looking for or perform specific actions. Web navigation can encompass a wide range of activities, including:

  1. Menu Navigation: This involves using menus, navigation bars, and dropdowns to access different sections or pages of a website.

  2. Link Clicking: Users click on hyperlinks, buttons, and images to navigate from one page to another or to trigger specific actions.

  3. Search: Users may use a website's search functionality to find specific content or products.

  4. Pagination: When content is divided into multiple pages, users can navigate through them using pagination controls.

  5. Breadcrumb Trails: Breadcrumbs are often used to show users their current location within a website's hierarchy and allow them to navigate back to previous pages.

  6. Back and Forward Buttons: Users can navigate backward and forward through their browsing history using these browser buttons.

  7. Sidebar Navigation: Some websites use a sidebar to provide additional navigation options or access to various sections.

  8. Filters and Sorting: E-commerce and content websites often allow users to filter and sort content to find what they're looking for more easily.

  9. Tabs: Tabbed interfaces allow users to switch between different sections or views within the same page.

  10. Scrolling: Scrolling down a page to access additional content is another form of navigation.

Effective web navigation design is crucial for a positive user experience. It ensures that users can easily find the information they need, access different parts of a website, and complete their desired actions without frustration. Clear and intuitive navigation helps keep users engaged and can lead to higher conversion rates and user satisfaction.

Below are 10 Shopify apps you can't afford to miss to improve your website.

1. Pronavi - Navigation Design

Powerful toolkit that enables to create various navigations: Tab bar, Drawer, Rail, Float button.

Enhance your business efficiency by comprehensive website navigation improvement. This is a powerful and user-friendly toolkit that enables you to create various navigation styles such as Tab bar, Drawer, Rail, Float button, and Menu, catering to each user's specific needs. Why? Because navigation is the most important aspect of a website? Similar to intelligently organizing shelves and pathways in a supermarket, customers will easily make purchase decisions aligned with business goals.

Shopify does not support the creation of ready-made controls for easy navigation on mobile devices, especially on large-screen phones, which can be challenging to operate with one hand. Most apps on iOS and Android already support various controls such as the BottomBar and Float button to improve navigation, particularly for mobile users. Pronavi is a completely free navigation design software that allows you to easily create and customize such controls with just a few simple steps. You can't afford to overlook such a tool.

Pronavi Highlights

  • Runs perfectly on both mobile and desktop, but is most effective for “Mobile-first

  • Extremely flexible, diverse, and limitless

  • Run extremely lightweight, continuously optimized, and conflict-free

  • Daily measurement, user understanding, and easy A/B testing

  • No need for design or technical knowledge, just drag and drop

  • Free still performs well until you truly need a higher version

See more here: https://guide.shopifas.com/introducing-the-new-app-on-shopify-pro-navi-navigation-design-used-to-create-bottom-bars-float-buttons-drawers-and-more-for-your-website

2. Qikify Mobile Menu, Navigation

With qikify Mobile Menu - Navigation, you can effortlessly create a mobile menu without any coding. This app allows you to effectively showcase your products and campaigns on the mobile menu. Customize the menu to align with your brand's style for a professional look. Additionally, you can add a floating menu to your store independently, without impacting your theme's main menu. Create a seamless mobile navigation experience with qikify Mobile Menu Navigation.

Create a responsive mobile menu to engage mobile visitors

Filter products instantly by price, size, color, tag, vendor, brand, collection and metafields, etc. Easy to install and custom your Product filter menu. Powerful search solution with instant suggestions, autocorrect. Product filter on the search page. Easy integrate with original search bar, theme filter, category filter. Your users are easier to find a right product with sidebar filter, filter collection. More over, you can use the app to display product variants as separate products

Shopify Collection filter & Shopify product filter &  search

4. RT: Smooth Scroll To Top

Especially if your content is long and descriptive, scroll to top buttons make it easy for the user to go back to the top of the page with just one click. Modern sites have the scroll-to-top function built-in. Now, if your Shopify theme doesn't have the scroll to the top button as a default function, the Smooth Scroll To Top will help you. Click here to see more.

Smooth Scroll To Top

5. AI Search and Product Filter

Customise navigation, product filter and search to help customers find what they're looking for, quickly with effortless setup with your store theme. Add Collection Page filters to improve product discovery and conversions. Plus, enhance the search bar with AI search suggestions, merchandising, synonyms, and search redirects. Get detailed search reports to optimize your product searches. Our top-tier AWS infrastructure, with responsive support, ensures the best search for more sales

AI-NLP powered search

6. Scroll Freely: Infinite Scroll

Scroll Freely: Infinite Scroll app completely replaces the default pagination and helps you engage your store users by showing more products at once through an endless scroll. Enjoy infinite scrolling on collection pages to load more products as the user scrolls down. Ajax-based Endless scrolling with Back to Top button to collection and instantly scroll to top of page. The Infinite Scroll app is compatible with all free and premium themes. 24/7 support team to resolve compatibility issues.

Auto Load Products on Scroll with AJAX

7. Breadcrumbs Galore

Drag and place the breadcrumb component where you want it to appear in your shop. Works with Catalog pages, Product pages, Blog articles, Collection pages, etc. This is great for SEO. And enhancing user experience. Also, you can chat with us anytime for custom requirements. Also supports setting up via custom CSVs.

can be placed anywhere on your shop for breadcrumbs navigation

The Omega Instant Search app guides your potential clients to exactly what they are searching for and delivers accurate product search results in a split second. Instantly. Our smart search will turn your site visitors into your actual customers, who will drive more sales and store profit. We strongly believe that everyone should be able to integrate a high-level instant search into their store.

Example of search autocomplete

9. PWA ‑ iOS & Android Mobile App

PWA - Progressive Web App helps store visitors to add your web store on their mobile's home screen. So your store will be easily accessible by customer which will increase the engagement ratio and overall increase the store revenue. The same website with PWA can be converted to android mobile app as well. Which can be listed on Google play store. By this way increase discoverability of store and organic traffic reduces your ads cost.

general configuration to setup icon, app theme color, etc.

10. Power Tools Suite

The multi-app bundle that’s proven to give your store an unfair advantage. If you need to hide sold out products, or maybe you need to show your trending products first then Power Tools Suite is for you. Do you need an advanced filter menu, or run sales with a pricing policy, we've got you covered. There are many apps and features in the Power Tools Suite that have helped tens of thousands of stores automate their processes and boost their sales, give it a try today!

Set prices using the Pricing Policy


Here are some software and apps you can use with your Shopify account. The choice is yours, as every business is different, and therefore, the goals will be very different. Wishing you success. You can also check out: Newcomer's Experiences with Using Shopify here.